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The Space Ape Society (TSAS) is an NFT project that aims to give community members an ownership stake in the project by listening to their ideas and allowing them to help guide our vision of the future. TSAS is focused on building a holistic, organic community that inspires people to develop relationships and encourages cooperation and collaboration. Building together we feel it is possible to accomplish so much more. We hope to inspire people to dream big and we aim to help them accomplish their goals.

• TSAS has had tremendous success on the Stargaze blockchain, thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of the team in the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency. The goal is to continue to expand and create a secure network of communities across multiple blockchains and platforms where members can share ideas and support each other. TSAS will be the center of it all, allowing aspiring artists the opportunity to network, collaborate and achieve success. By providing an open and supportive relationship with other projects and our own sub communities, TSAS will continue to innovate and offer everyone the chance to achieve more together.

• TSAS is an ideal project for anyone looking to build relationships and experience successful collaboration with other NFT projects on different blockchains. Whether you are an artist with big dreams or simply someone who wants to be part of something amazing with real ownership, TSAS is the project for you. Join the Discord and Twitter to be a part of it all!


As of 3/17/23
Total Combined Stars Vol: 14.7 Mil Stars
JUN 27TH, 2022


Total Stars Volume: 11m
JUL 17TH, 2022



JUL 23RD, 2022


SEPT 17TH, 2022


Total Stars Volume: 1.7m
OCT 19TH, 2022


Total Stars Volume: 37.7k
OCT 24TH, 2022


Total Stars Volume: 200k
NOV 7TH, 2022


FEB 6TH, 2023


Total Stars Volume: 1.3m

10 3D APES




  • TSAS launched 4269 unique space apes priced at 777 stars on the Stargaze blockchain on June 27th, 2022.

  • The collection sold out within 2 hours, making it one of the most successful NFT launches on the Stargaze platform.

  • The OG Apes mint helped establish TSAS as a bluechip project, with high sales volume and a strong presence on Stargaze.

  • TSAS Validator established on Stargaze blockchain to secure and decentralize the network.

  • Community initiated idea from conception to completion in less than 3 days.

  • Validator rewards used to benefit the community in various ways. 

  • TSAS aims to grow its Treasury reserve through the successful launch of new NFT collections and other revenue streams.

  • A portion of the proceeds from each mint will go towards the Treasury, to fund future opportunities for growth.

  • TSAS launched the first swap shop on the Stargaze blockchain, giving holders the opportunity to exchange their OG Apes for a different variety from the shop.

  • The swap shop offered a wide range of apes, including Crowns, Cowboys & 1:1. 

  • The swap shop was a popular feature that gave holders a second chance to acquire a unique OG Ape.

  • TSAS developed a special serum that could be used to mutate OG Apes into mutant apes.

  • Holders could send their OG Apes and the serum to the TSAS labs to undergo the mutation process.

  • The utility of holding a mutant ape is that the holder will receive an airdrop of one NFT from the next two collections.

  • TSAS created banners as a reward for its community members that held a OG TSAS or mutant ape. 

  • The banners were airdropped and were a popular and appreciated reward for the community.

  • TSAS released a collection of buddies, which were inspired by the mutants and their little companions.

  • The buddies were well received by the community and over $12,000 USD was given to charity through Angel Protocol

  • TSAS negotiated a deal with the Teritori team to provide a utility for OG Ape holders.

  • The deal consisted of 150 Tori tokens per OG Ape, which has been airdropped to OG Ape holders on November 30th.

  • TSAS also has an active validator on the Teritori network, allowing holders of Tori to stake their tokens and earn rewards.

  • As a continuation of the main story of The Space Ape Society, the next chapter is revealed. The Humans collection is both vibrant and packed with more utility than ever before. 

  • The 3D apes will be metaverse ready and will be exploring virtual worlds throughout the Cosmos and beyond. They will launch on Polygon in mid to late 2023

  • The fight between the Humans & Apes is a long drawn out conflict. With the Humans closing in...Expect the Society to expand into multiple new worlds and conduct missions. You can expect soft staking on multiple platforms and available for OG Apes, Mutants, and Humans.

  • The Mutants are migrating to other worlds with a target of end of April. People will have a choice to decide if they want to keep their Mutant on Stargaze or migrate to Polygon. Either way, all Mutant holders will receive an airdropped 3D ape. 

  • TSAS is a Society. The Lore is critical to sharing out story of the Apes and Humans conflict, as well as the Mutants and how they became so. There's several civilizations with several races in several worlds (block chains). So you can expect the Lore and Stories we tell to be entertaining and expansive. Stay tuned...

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