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Subculture within NFT communities is an element you see frequently on larger chains like Ethereum and Solana. But when it comes to smaller chains like Stargaze, only a very select few have formed and thrived. Having a subcommunity gives people a chance to engage in a smaller community and collect NFTs that have some of their favorite traits. Some have their own discord along with prizes, giveaways, and contests. 


From the very beginning, TSAS had subcommunities form organically. The Crowned Space Apes formed almost immediately and then the Space Ape Cowboyz a few days later. It's no secret that these subcommunities have had a hand in the overall success of TSAS. 


Crowned Space Apes

  • Twitter
  • Discord

 The CSA subcommunity was formed around the 3 crowned traits of the original TSAS collection, totalling 166 crowns. To obtain membership, it is necessary to own at least one NFT with the following traits: Emerald crown, Gold crown, Green and Gold crown.


The goal of our subcommunity is to raise awareness for the TSAS project and bring additional value to our members. For this purpose, we use our treasury, which consists of four different funds: STARS staking fund, NFT investment fund, reserve fund and charity fund as well as numerous smaller NFT collections of our own.

Space Ape Cowboyz

  • Twitter
  • Discord

The Space Ape Cowboyz are a sub community within The Space Ape Society T.S.A.S. on the Stargaze Marketplace.

​The objective of the Cowboyz subcommunity is to have fun, be inclusive, and advocate for mental health awareness through their weekly mental health twitter spaces and various collaborations.

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