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The Humans Collection sold out in less than 36hrs, surpassing 3.3million STARS mint volume. That’s the 2nd highest mint volume all-time on Stargaze, followed by Forgotten Punks (3.36mil) and then our OG Ape collection mint (3.31mil). With the current Humans Collection volume, total volume across all TSAS Collections is now over 15million STARS, which is #3 overall on Stargaze for secondary volume. 


The Human Collection has already produced over1.3mil Stars in secondary volume. There are some familiar traits that have always been desirable like Crowns and Cowboyz, but now there are some new traits that have emerged. With all the collaborations and a newly forming sub, there are some really hot traits with floor prices that are climbing fast. Let’s take a look…

NOTABLE traits: Pika suit-Bear head-Bull head-Beer Hat-CSA Hoodie-Shady's birds - REKT McDonald’s Hat-REKT Cap


Our friends in The Network Dao have voted to allow holders of TSAS Humans with The Network cap membership and entry into The Network. The Network is an alpha sharing group comprised of multiple projects across SG snd IBC. Membership is exclusive and has many privileges. We would like to thank them for allowing holders of TSAS Humans to access the sub community. To join, use the attached link and ask for further instructions. 


Hats off to the Network!



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royal gold skelly 272_edited.jpg

The Crowns

Crowns of TSAS have long been coveted by many in each collection and the Humans are no exception. But could there be a new dark horse in the Human collection? There’s an interesting twist to one particular crown in this collection. The Royal Gold Skelly trait applies as one of the features of the freshly released sub-community called the “Nine9”.


Space Skellies Crown (Bone Crown) 

Black Crown 

Gold Crown

Green Emerald Crown 

Royal Gold Skelly

Space Ape Cowboyz


The Cowboyz are well known for being rowdy, inclusive and for also being strong advocates of mental health. 


And now they have an amazing new addition. The Warriors are now a part of the Wild West and feature a beautiful head dress trait called the “Aztec Head Wear”. It will be interesting how they play in the story of the Wild Wild West. 


The Human collection has a bit of a twist for the Cowboyz traits as well. Excluding the Warriors, the Rangerz are the rarest with 93. But here’s where it gets interesting. The Regulatorz are well known for being the largest, most rowdiest bunch. But this time, the Regulatorz (165) are slightly rarer than the Outlawz (184). You can read more about the traits, factions, and check the floors of every cowboy collection by visiting 


Black Cowboy Hat - Outlaw

Bowler Hat - Regulator

White Cowboy Hat - Ranger 

Aztec Head Wear (Warrior)

Ranger 4567.png

As you can see, Humans have quietly done well with over 1.2 mil in secondary volume. The art is sick and they’re on super discount right now, so enjoy it while it lasts. Because there is a war coming. And there will be casualties…


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